The Brummy Brothers

Jersey Fresh Bluegrass


Bursting on to the scene mid-2012, The Brummy Brothers’ inspiring rhythms, infectious melodies, and undeniable ability to plow through a set with fiery passion and intensity keep them busy with over 100 shows a year up and down the East Coast.

The New Jersey natives’ original blend of bluegrass, rock, and improvisation forms a sound and energy that allows them to be found playing anywhere from rock clubs, to folk festivals, to farmers markets.  And it’s a good thing, because if one thing is clear, it’s that these guys love to play music.   

In May 2014 The Brummy Brothers released their debut album “On Our Way” produced by Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth.  The album allows the band to share the composite of their time together.  The record incorporates harmonizing voices, striking instrumental prowess, and expert arrangement to bring everything together.

Andrew Morris     - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Brumberg   - Bass, Vocals
Eric Brumberg     - Mandolin, Vocals
Russell Gottlieb   - Banjo, Vocals

Fans just can’t wait to, “Shake their BRUM!”

Oyster Ridge Music Festival

"The most electrifying thing to come out of New Jersey since Thomas Edison."

–Dee Sargent, ORMF Host (July 25, 2015)

The Brummy Brothers at Red Square, February 14th

“Over the course of two years, The Brummy’s have toured the Northeast incessantly, getting their music out and forging a reputation. They recently went behind the scenes and recorded their first album, aptly titled On Our Way. After witnessing their stage prowess in Albany, they are very clearly “on [their] way,” if not already there. Evidenced by their work with fiddler and producer, Timothy Carbone, The Brummy’s proclaimed the recording was a “musical boot camp!”’

Catskill Chill Does It Again

“Over at the Junction, the Brummy Brothers put on a hootenanny punctuated by the infectious refrain of “There’s nothing like being horny, drunk, stoned and laughing!”

—Joey Zoldan, Sensible Reason (September 14, 2013)

The Brummy Brothers

“The recognizable beginnings then developed into breakneck jam grass that highlighted the instrumental proficiency of all four members…The band’s constituency continues to grow as they spread their talent around the Northeast.”

—MacEagon Voyce, Boston Music Examiner (August 19, 2013)

Maz Festival Review:  Instrumental Magic

“The only bluegrass act on the bill, the tight group of young men from New Jersey utilized the opportunity to dominate the groove…Each performer alternates taking lead vocals and each contributes equally to quality songwriting…Having been busy touring throughout the northeast and at festivals all summer, the quickly-ascending band has only just begun their voyage.”

—Chadbryne Dickens, (August 9, 2013)

StrangeCreek Festival :: 05.24.13-05.26.13 :: Camp Kee-Wanee :: Greenfield, MA

“The “Artist-At-Large” is the one with no set performing times or location but rather a roaming commission. One can’t imagine a more ideal band suited for this task than The Brummy Brothers.   Having only played together for a year, the energy is fresh and they converted many new fans who danced to their grooves regardless of the location or time they performed.”

—Chadbryne Dickens, (June 13, 2013)

The Brummy Brothers, Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ -3/21

“The bands knack at arranging vocal harmonies can be heard throughout …Although they are defined by their bluegrass instrumentation, they can deliver and stand just about any place along the bluegrass continuum.”

—Steve Brienza, (April 8, 2013)

 The Brummy Brothers: Cruisin’

“The bluegrass-inspired Brummy Brothers are set to play at New Brunswick’s Court Tavern May 2, and Asbury Park’s legendary Stone Pony May 4.  While all four sing, Dave drives the upright bass, Eric plays the mandolin, Russell Gottlieb rocks the banjo and Andrew Morris jams on the guitar.”

—Nicole Calascibetta, The Aquarian (April 30, 2013)

 A Stunning Fall Festival: The Souper Groove Festival 2012

 ”Kicking things off on Friday, the Brummy Brothers played the tent stage, a very unique atmosphere, for sure. The tent, located between the Main stage and the campground, was great for smaller acts during the day, but turned into a late night party place when the bluegrass began. The Brummies got everyone going strong with a variety of musical styles all within the modern bluegrass realm. They played two solid sets right up until the plug was pulled at 2am.”

Steven Phillips, Tri State Indie (Oct 05, 2012)

The Brummy Brothers, The Studio at Webster Hall, 9/19/12

“As the picks began to hit the strings it was clear that on this occasion the early birds definitely got the worms. The band of brothers, though not all blood related, formed just as 2012 got under way…The energy they were able to harness throughout their set carried over to the closing song and if these four guys can keep playing with such precision, creativity and inspiration, chances are they won’t be home for long. ”

Steve Brienza, (Oct 02, 2012)

We came, We saw, We Chilled! Catskill Chill Music Festival 2012

The perfect Cornmeal follow up was at Acoustic Junction in the middle of the camp grounds. The Brummy Brothers quickly drew a crowd with their upbeat original bluegrass tunes as well as modern pop hits such as “Fuck You” by Cee Lo Green. My favorite song of their’s that I can’t get out of my head is “Weed, Whiskey, Women” due to the beautiful harmonies and the repeating chorus line, “Nothing like being horny, drunk, stoned and laughing.” The B Brothers are sure to have a bright future ahead of them with their attention grabbing talent.

Susan Rice, Upstate Live Music Guide (Sep 13, 2012)