4 Best Sites to Download Torrents

The 21st century is an era of great accomplishment. It is the epitome of technology and innovation. One of these exceptional innovations is Torrents.

A torrent is a type of file, which contains metadata. This metadata is a source from where we can inexpensively watch, use and see any program, movie, series or song that we may desire. It is just the matter of finding the perfect torrent. Make sure when you are searching for torrents that they have the extension “.torrent” if they do not then don’t on any account go anywhere near that file, as it could contain a virus. There are many different sites which host torrent downloads. You can read more about this on https://8bitsumo.com.

Top 4 Torrents

  • Pirate Bay: Pirate Bay is the number one torrent site. It has been running for 14 years and evading government attacks for just as long as well. It is one of the most popular sites because it is so easy to use and sift through with help from seeders/leachers.
  • RARBG: This is a Bulgarian tracker site. The one quality about that makes it so appealing to its users is its diversity. You can find anything ranging from books, movie, tv series, songs, audios, music till software on it easily.
  • 1337X: Over the past 2 years this site has become increasingly popular due to its new design, easy access, new logo, and marketing strategy. This site is hidden from google so you need to put its name, 1337X on the search bar to actually open it and not do it through the google engine.
  • YTS: This site deals exclusively with movies. You can bet that anything you download from here will have high definition and will be a perfect watch no matter what.