All You Need to Know About Soft Washing

The two main methods that are used for power washing and soft washing. The power washing method requires a pressure of about 4000 psi and for soft washing, the pressure required is 100 psi. The power pressure washing is effective but it also ends up damaging surfaces by causing dents or deformations.

While these days soft washing is preferred over power washing, the power washing technique is still in use. It is used to clean exteriors where there is no risk of damaging or deforming the surface. In areas that can be easily deformed by high-pressure application, soft washing is used. This is the reason why many service providers use the equipment of pressure washing for soft washing since the pressure washing machine can work as a soft washing machine while the soft washing machine cannot operate as a pressure washing machine.

The soft washing process requires the application of detergents and other chemicals in order to disinfect your house along with the cleaning effect. Hypochlorite is extensively used in soft washing as it acts as a good disinfectant.

The chemicals being used are environmentally friendly which makes the soft washing more desirable, also the water consumption is relatively low. The professionals know just the exact amount of chemical that needs to be used. These guys know which chemicals are required in order to remove a certain spot or stain.

Initially, the soft washing technique was used for killing insects and microbes, and later it was modified to be used for cleaning home exteriors, you can also clean gutter by this method. Windows, roofs, brick walls, porch, etc can be easily cleaned by the soft washing technique. You can easily hire someone to clean your home exterior for you when you feel that your house needs cleaning.