Can You Tell When Your AC Needs Repair?

Most of us are unable to pinpoint whenever our air conditioning units are having trouble performing well because we do not know the machinery well. Whilst we are no experts, we thought that we would research up some tips that will help you identify if your air con is not working right and requires repair of some sorts.

When it comes to servicing the unit, it might be done at home but repairing it is a whole different story which is why you should only call professionals for such a job like Air Conditioning Doctor because they are trained to handle every sort of repair there is. But the first thing that you need to learn is to recognize when you need to call them.

Hot Air

If you hold up your hand to the air conditioner and you feel that it is blowing out hot air then it is definitely not normal. There are two possible reasons behind this, one is a broken compressor and the other is a refrigerant leak. You will not be able to use your unit until you get the problem fixed so you should call a good company but worry not as it will not cost you too much.


Are you noticing water drops on your machine or making it is dripping water? If it is then there is a certain problem in the air conditioner and it could be something severe like a refrigerant leak or it could also be a drain pipe that is blocked.


If your air conditioner is making noises that is does not usually make then it needs to be looked at. Since an air conditioner is supposed to run pretty soundlessly, unusual noise is telltale of an impending problem.