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Bass guitar is one of the most underrated instruments in the world, mostly because of the fact that it fills in the lower end of the audio spectrum, frequencies that often can’t be heard even if they are being felt throughout the song. Bass guitar helps give the song groove, it helps define melodic direction and in a lot of situations can be the central instrument in a particular song especially if you are the sort of person that manages to play it the way it is meant to be played.

Using a distortion pedal on a bass guitar can help you get the sort of tone that would allow you to bring your playing to a whole new level. There are numerous benefits to using a distortion pedal. For one, it will help you thicken the sound of your bass and make it a little more prominent, thereby allowing you to drive the song that you are playing in forward and make it sound a bit more urgent. Buying the right distortion pedal is important, though. Here are some of the top distortion pedals that you can use for your bass guitar.

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi Bass Pedal

This is the perfect distortion pedal for people looking for a big tone that would suit a metal song or something in a similar vein. The tone you get from this pedal is quite thick and will help mask mistakes that you might make while playing live.

MXR M85 Bass Distortion

This is a classic that you can use to attain a lot more control over the sound of your bass. You get a lot of variety with this pedal, allowing you to go for fuzz all the way to more defined distortion. This pedal is particularly useful for people that enjoy soloing on bass guitar because of the fact that it would allow you to cut through the mix more clearly, thereby allowing people to more easily marvel at the quality of your playing!

Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal

This is a great pedal for someone that wants something simple that would give them the ability to get the job of distorting their bass guitar done in a manner that would enable them to be better at their instrument without any of the fussiness or extra unnecessary features that a lot of bass guitar distortion pedals tend to have. If you want something that cuts through all the nonsense, get this pedal!

Boss OBD-3 Bass Overdrive

Boss is often criticized for being one of the more milquetoast pedal manufacturers out there, but their bass overdrive pedal definitely has something to offer. This pedal has a fair amount of higher frequencies being boosted in the overall sound which makes it great for soloists, and you have a fair amount of control over the high end as well which is something that can help you modulate your tone.

The music industry has been changing every decade with quite a bit of regularity. As we begin the final year of this decade we can start to wonder about how the world of music is going to start changing this year, and how those changes are going to play out next year. One of the things that you need to realize is that technology has always played a pretty important role in the way music ends up being made as well as the way that it spreads throughout the world.

One aspect of music that technology will change is going to happen through Spotify. The streaming platform is set to allow musicians to upload their content to the platform directly instead of having to go through a record label or some other form of third party such as CD Baby which is a popular platform for artists that want to be able to get their music up on a space that would allow them to potentially get discovered by a wide variety of people. That being said, Spotify is probably not going to become the next SoundCloud and there are a number of reasons why this is the case.

To start off with, streaming platforms get tens of thousands of uploads every single day. That’s simply too much content, it would dilute the potential earnings of everyone on the platform and it could make the place seem like more of an audio junkyard rather than a legitimate space where music can be discovered by consumers. There is also the fact that a lot of the content that gets uploaded to easily accessible platforms is often pretty low quality, and Spotify can’t afford low quality audio being uploaded to their servers.

Hence, there is probably still going to be some kind of barrier of entry that artists would have to pass. Perhaps there would be an evaluation period of some sort during which the quality of the audio would be judged. The quality of the songs will matter as well, although since this is more subjective it seems unlikely that it is going to matter to Spotify quite as much. Another potential barrier of entry could be the following that a person has. You might need to have a certain number of followers on social media to be able to upload directly to the platform.

All in all, though, this change is going to be pretty significant all things considered. This is because of the fact that record labels and distributors are going to become a lot less influential, and a lot of power is going to finally end up in the hands of the artists themselves. This is a good thing, and there is already a group of a hundred artists that have the ability to upload to Spotify whenever they wish. As this group gets larger, the impacts of this change are going to spread wider and further.

There is nothing quite like singing to help you express yourself in a manner that would truly bring every single facet of the various multitudes of emotions that you are currently experiencing at this point in time to the fore. Singing can help you communicate the emotions that you are experiencing, and it is also an extremely enjoyable activity to do with a group of people that would be willing to give you their own support and help you elevate your voice, not to mention all of the amazing things that can be done when groups of people sing together.

If you want to sing with a group of people, you should really consider joining a choir. That being said, you might not know how to go about doing such a thing. Indeed, you might just feel confused about where to even begin. The first thing that you need to think about is where choirs can be found, and there are a number of different answers to this particular question. Schools have choirs, as do churches. Joining these choirs can be contingent on being a member of the establishment as well. For example, to join a school choir you will have to be a student at the school, and to join a church choir you will have to be a member of that particular church. This is the case with most choirs that you might come across, so someone that wants to join a choir just for the pure joy of it might face a few stumbling blocks here and there.

Now, if you want to join a professional choir that does not require you to be a student, church goer or employee, there are a few things that you might have to do. One thing that you will have to do is figure out what kind of music you want to be singing. Is gospel music your thing? Do you prefer more orchestral arrangements, or perhaps jazz? There are numerous ways in which music can be expressed even if you are just trying to use your voice, so defining your genre of choice is something that can take you a long way towards finally coming upon a choir that would not only accept you but would actually push your boundaries to a great extent and help you grow as much as possible as a singer.

Once you have done so, the internet is your best friend! Use search engines to find choirs that are close to you, and never underestimate the power of social media in this regard as well. Try to find musicians that you might know and ask them to let you into WhatsApp and Facebook groups that have other musicians in them, start to build a base of contacts and then try to find yourself a choir that would be worthwhile for you in the long run overall. This becomes a lot easier if you use the people around you in your search.