How to Know If Your Dog is Just Lazy or If It Actually Needs All of That Sleep?

Your dog might not be lazy. Dogs have a different sleeping. While most of them try to match with their owner’s sleeping patterns, they might still sleep longer. Dogs need to sleep more than humans.

Humans have a defined sleeping pattern of 8 hours during the night and staying active for the rest of the day. When it comes to dogs, they sleep for more than 12 hours during the night and an extra four five hours of napping during the day.

They spend 50% of their day while sleeping while staying physically active for only 20% of it. This is because they keep resting and physically inactive during the time when they’re not sleeping.

Their sleeping pattern also depends on a few other factors such as the breed of the dog. If the dog is from a larger breed then it will definitely sleep more. Smaller dogs sleep less than larger dogs. Like a Carolina Mountain Dog will definitely have huge sleeping time. If the dog is being given a poor diet than that might also be a reason for their need for excessive sleep. This is because they’ll need more time to digest it or the diet might not be providing enough energy.

If your dog is still a small puppy, then you might notice change in their sleeping patterns after they’ve grown up a bit. As puppies need to sleep longer and so do older dogs.

Dog breeds that are made for companionship need more sleep that the ones that are made for other purposes. The more active the dog is, the less sleep it will need. It might sound contradictory but it is true and works for everyone.