Is Jewelry Just For Women?

Times are changing, and during these rapid changes people are beginning to ask questions about the way we do things. A lot of the norms in society are being challenged, thus making it so that people that are more interested in behavior that might be considered a little unusual for their gender actually have the opportunity to experiment a little. One area of experimentation that people have been focusing on quite a bit is jewelry, something that has normally only been restricted to women with men avoiding them.

The question being asked right now is whether or not men can wear jewelry, and the answer is yes. Indeed, the notion of jewelry being something that is purely for woman is not universal. Plenty of societies all around the world prized good jewelry, and men frequently wore precious gemstones and the like. These kinds of things were normalized, so it’s clear at this point that there is no inherent problem with jewelry that makes it incompatible with men, it’s just the labels that society has given out, labels which are often arbitrary and in a lot of ways don’t really mean as much as you might think they do.

Men can wear jewelry if they so wish, and you will see that fashion trends have made it so that men wearing jewelry is not as rare as it used to be. Just make sure that you match your jewellery to your outfit, because while men wearing jewelry is not wrong in and of itself, a lot of men tend to misuse jewelry and fail to wear it in its proper way which is a far graver sin all things considered. Matching jewelry is easy, you just need to practice and soon you will get the hang of it.