The Top Distortion Pedals For Your Bass Guitar

Bass guitar is one of the most underrated instruments in the world, mostly because of the fact that it fills in the lower end of the audio spectrum, frequencies that often can’t be heard even if they are being felt throughout the song. Bass guitar helps give the song groove, it helps define melodic direction and in a lot of situations can be the central instrument in a particular song especially if you are the sort of person that manages to play it the way it is meant to be played.

Using a distortion pedal on a bass guitar can help you get the sort of tone that would allow you to bring your playing to a whole new level. There are numerous benefits to using a distortion pedal. For one, it will help you thicken the sound of your bass and make it a little more prominent, thereby allowing you to drive the song that you are playing in forward and make it sound a bit more urgent. Buying the right distortion pedal is important, though. Here are some of the top distortion pedals that you can use for your bass guitar.

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi Bass Pedal

This is the perfect distortion pedal for people looking for a big tone that would suit a metal song or something in a similar vein. The tone you get from this pedal is quite thick and will help mask mistakes that you might make while playing live.

MXR M85 Bass Distortion

This is a classic that you can use to attain a lot more control over the sound of your bass. You get a lot of variety with this pedal, allowing you to go for fuzz all the way to more defined distortion. This pedal is particularly useful for people that enjoy soloing on bass guitar because of the fact that it would allow you to cut through the mix more clearly, thereby allowing people to more easily marvel at the quality of your playing!

Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal

This is a great pedal for someone that wants something simple that would give them the ability to get the job of distorting their bass guitar done in a manner that would enable them to be better at their instrument without any of the fussiness or extra unnecessary features that a lot of bass guitar distortion pedals tend to have. If you want something that cuts through all the nonsense, get this pedal!

Boss OBD-3 Bass Overdrive

Boss is often criticized for being one of the more milquetoast pedal manufacturers out there, but their bass overdrive pedal definitely has something to offer. This pedal has a fair amount of higher frequencies being boosted in the overall sound which makes it great for soloists, and you have a fair amount of control over the high end as well which is something that can help you modulate your tone.