What You Should Do Before Getting Microblading Done

Everyone knows that microblading is a process of filling in your eyebrows with ink, just like a tattoo only it is semi-permanent. In recent years many people have turned their attention towards microblading, but before you do you need to make sure that you are up to it.

Here are some things that you should do before you get microblading done.


The first thing you need to do is research, be thorough with it. Even though it is a relatively simple process there are still some cases in which things have gone down the hill. In the end, if you do make the decision of going through with the process make sure that your artist is certified and well-trained in the area.

Sample Work

Always ask your artist to show you their sample work, and by sample work, we mean previous work. Ask them whether they can see pictures of their previous work so that you have peace of mind that you are not getting yourself into something that can ruin your eyebrows for the next 2 to 3 years.

Decide The Salon

Do not just go to any salon, go to the one that has a name for itself and a really good reputation. This way you will feel at ease more. Also, it is better than you ask here and there for opinions and asks previous customers to rate the salon, this will help you in making the right decision.

Understand The Procedure

Now that you have decided on the salon and the artist, it is the time that you fully understand the procedure of microblading. Make sure that you know all the steps that are involved in the process and how much time it takes to heal.