Why Choose Basal Thermometers

The best way to keep a track of the ovulation period for women is to use a basal body temperature thermometer. Even for women who get an irregular menstrual cycle, it helps in keeping the track of ovulation period as well as the menstrual cycle. If that itself is not reason enough to choose a basal thermometer then this article will help you in getting a better understanding of why it is beneficial to invest in a basal thermometer.

A basal body temperature thermometer ( BBTT ) measure the tiny bit of rising in the basal temperature of the body which indicates the ovulation period. The ovulation period starts usually 15 days before the menstrual cycle. During the menstrual cycle, the basal temperature rises considerably so even the women who have irregular cycles can identify when they are ovulating. You can click here to get your very own basal thermometer.

The average range for the ovulation period is from 97.2 to approximately 97.7 degrees Fahrenheit. You can very easily keep a track of the basal temperature. The process is simple and to top, it all of the thermometer itself reminds you with a beep as to when you need to measure the temperature ( which is the first thing in the morning when you wake up ).

The small tool is very useful and handy besides being cheap. The maximum amount you have to pay to purchase a basal thermometer is around 50 to 60 US dollars which is not much as compared to the other methods used for keeping a track of the ovulation period. Although you have to keep replacing the batteries from time to time if the thermometer is in use on a daily basis.